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History Alumni Stories

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Undergraduate Alumni


Amada Beltrán, B.A. 2014

 Ph.D. Candidate, UC Berkeley


Eleanor Brasfield, B.A. 2012

 Peace Corps, Zambia


Jacqueline Ryall, B.A. 1988

Associate General Counsel, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Sarah Spalding, Ph.D. 2013

Director of Student Engagement, School of Business, Marymount University


Miniard Culpepper, B.A. 2012

Attorney for the U.S. Federal Government

Andrea Shaffer, B.A. 2014

Development Assistant, Dumbarton House


Dominick Healey, B.A. 2013

First Lieutenant, US Army



Carlos Dávila, Ph.D. 2006

 FEMA, US Department of Homeland Security

Brett Kline, B.A. 2011

Team Lead, Google Inc.


Christian Grochowski, B.A. 2014

High School Teacher


Eva Ghelardi, B.A. 2014 

M.A. Candidate, Columbia University



Jay Harrison, Ph.D. 2012

Assistant Professor, Hood College MD