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Faculty – Poos
Lawrence R. Poos, Professor
Ph.D., 1984, Cambridge University
Late-medieval and early-modern England; legal, demographic, and social history

L.R. Poos specializes in the history of England in the later-medieval and early-modern periods, roughly from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries. His research focuses upon social, demographic, and legal history. He is currently completing two book projects. One – in collaboration with Professor Lloyd Bonfield of New York Law School – is a critical redacted edition of the manuscript law reports of Sir Peter King, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, 1715-1722, forthcoming (2017) from the Selden Society of London. The other is a case study of contested marriage and property in sixteenth-century Lancashire, entitled Love, Hate, and the Law in Tudor England: The Three Wives of Ralph Rishton. He is also working on a reconstruction of land use and settlement in the parish of Stebbing in Essex from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries, employing Geographical Information Systems (GIS) analysis.

Professor Poos’s teaching encompasses the histories of rural society, crime and state-building, religion, marriage, and population change in England. He has a particular interest in digital humanities and their applications to research and learning, and in early Japanese history and culture. Current and recent graduate students have done dissertations and research projects in subjects ranging from Reformation-era England, to disease and crime in early-modern London, to archaeology and history in late-medieval Ireland.

Sample publications:

Roger S. Wieck, with Lawrence Poos, Virginia Reinburg, and John Plummer, Time sanctified: The book of hours in medieval art and life (New York: George Braziller and the Walters Art Gallery, 1988).
L.R. Poos, A rural society after the Black Death: Essex 1350-1525 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991).
L.R. Poos and Lloyd Bonfield, Select cases in manorial courts 1250-1550: Property and family law, cxiv Selden Society (London, 1998).
L.R. Poos, Lower ecclesiastical jurisdiction in late medieval England: The courts of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln, 1336-1349, and the Deanery of Wisbech, 1458-1484, British Academy Records of Social and Economic History, New Series 32 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001).

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