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Julia G. Young, Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D., 2009, University of Chicago
Latin America, Mexico, Religion and Diaspora, Global Migrations
(202) 319-5484
247 Marist Hall
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Tues/Thurs 10:30-12:30 & by appointment

Dr. Young recently published her first book, entitled Mexican Exodus: Emigrants, Exiles, and Refugees of the Cristero War (Oxford University Press, 2015). The book examines the network of religious exiles, political refugees, and labor emigrants who supported the Catholic Church during Mexico’s Cristero war and, more generally, the ways that religion and religious conflicts can shape transnational diasporic identities among migrants. Her research and teaching interests include Mexican and Latin American history since the 16th century, the history of Mexican migration to the United States since the mid 1800s, Church and state in Latin America, global migrations, religion, and diaspora. Dr. Young is also a fellow at the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies. She recently completed a fellowship as a scholar in residence at the Kluge Center at the Library of Congress. While there, she conducted research for a new project related to religious visionaries and mystics along the U.S.-Mexico border during the twentieth century. 
Scholarly Publications:
[Download the Introduction here]
Local Church, Global Church: Catholic Activism in Latin America from Rerum Novarum to Vatican IIeds. Julia Young and Stephen Andes (The Catholic University of America Press; forthcoming March 2016).
"Making America 1920 Again? Nativism and US Immigration, Past and Present," Journal on Migration and Human Security 5:1, 2017.
"The Calles Government and Catholic Dissidents: Mexico's Transnational Projects of Repression, 1926-1929," The Americas 70:1, July 2013.   
“A "Sorrowful Caravan"? Rhetoric vs. Reality in Mexico's Debate over Emigration, 1926-1929,” in Historia de la Migración Mexicana a Estados Unidos. Visiones Comparadas (Siglo XIX - 2012), eds. Rafael Alarcón and Fernando Saúl Alanis. México: El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, El Colegio de San Luis, y El Colegio de Michoacán (forthcoming 2017). 
“Cristero Diaspora: Mexican Emigrants, the U.S. Catholic Church, and Mexico’s Cristero War, 1926-1929,” The Catholic Historical Review 98:2, April 2012. 
“Un obispo cristero en Estados Unidos: el exilio de José de Jesús Manríquez y Zárate, 1927-1932,” in Julia Preciado Zamora and Servando Ortoll, eds. Los guachos y los mochos: once ensayos cristeros (jitanjáfora Press, Morelia, 2009).
Courses Taught:
Hist 685: The Church in Latin America
HIST 663A: Migration, Ethnicity & Diaspora
HIST 229: Global Migration to the Americas, 1492-present
HIST 371A: Colonial Latin America
HIST 371B: Modern Latin America
HIST 388: Junior Seminar (Topic: Revolutions in Mexico & Cuba)
HIST 386:  Modern Mexico
HIST 371C: Modern Cuba


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