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Samuel Fisher

University of Notre Dame, Ph.D (2017)

Research Interests: early America, early modern Britain and Ireland, British Atlantic, Gaelic peoples and cultures, Native American history, colonialism, imperialism, rebellion, revolution, comparative and transnational history

Sam Fisher's research interests lie at the intersection of early American and early modern British and Irish history. His current project, Fit Instruments: Gaels, Indians, and the Diverse Origins of Imperial Reform and Revolution, offers a new explanation of the origins of the American Revolution. The project draws on Irish- and Scots-Gaelic language and Native American sources to show how colonized peoples tried to reshape empires in their own image--and how their partial success convinced American colonists to leave the British empire. He is also in the early stages of a comparative study of "savage" rebellions in the British Atlantic world. His work has appeared in the William and Mary Quarterly.


"Fit Instruments in a Howling Wilderness: Colonists, Indians, and the Origins of the American Revolution," William and Mary Quarterly 73.4 (2016): 647-680.


HIST 380D: Ireland, 1541-1800: Kingdom, Colony, Province (and Nation?)

HIST 415: Civility, Savagery, and Rebellion in the British Atlantic, 1600-1800