The Catholic University of America

Faculty - Klimo

Árpád v. Klimó - Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Dr. phil.), 1992, Freie Universität Berlin

Habilitation, 2001, Freie Universität Berlin


Main Fields: Modern Central Europe, Nationalism, Catholicism

Arpad von Klimo has done extensive research and published in different fields of 19th and 20th century European history, mostly on Hungary, Italy and Germany. Currently, Dr. von Klimo is working on a monograph about the memory of the Holocaust in Hungary between 1942 and 1989, focusing on the Novi Sad massacre of 1942 (under contract with Pittsburgh University Press).

Phone: 202 319 5484

Office Hours: Wed. 3:30-4:30 pm; and by appointment

Courses in Fall 2016:

HIST 222/Eur203 Modern Europe since 1789

HIST 496 Senior Thesis


1. Monographs:

Ungarn seit 1945 book
Ungarn seit 1945. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2005.


Nation, Konfession, Geschichte.Zur nationalen Geschichtskultur Ungarns im europäischen Kontext (1860-1948), München: Oldenbourg Verlag, 2003.


Staat Und Klientel book
Staat und Klientel im 19. Jahrhundert. Administrative Eliten in Italien und Preußen im Vergleich 1860 - 1918. Vierow bei Greifswald : SH-Verlag, 1997. (Italien in der Moderne Bd. 4)


2. Edited Volumes:

RauschUndDiktatur book
Rausch und Diktatur. Inszenierung, Mobilisierung und Kontrolle in totalitären Systemen. Frankfurt am Main/New York: Campus ,2006 (together with MALTE ROLF)

Antiamerikanismus book
Antiamerikanismus im 20. Jahrhundert. Antiamerikanismus im 20. Jahrhundert. Studien zu Ost- und Westeuropa. Bonn: Dietz, 2005 (together with JAN BEHRENDS and PATRICE G. POUTRUS)


At CUA, Dr. Klimó has been teaching the following courses:

MODERN EUROPE since 1789

  • HIST 222/EUR 203: Modern European History, 1789 – present
  • HIST 317: History of Italy since 1860
  • HIST 331B: Fashion and Society since 1500. Asian and European Perspectives
  • HIST 334A: Modern Germany since 1870
  • HIST 337A: Modern Europe Survery (UG)
  • HIST 338A: The Idea of Europe. European Integration since 1914
  • HIST 345A: The Habsburg Empire, 1815-1918
  • HIST 496: Senior Thesis (Topic: Genocide and Mass Violence in 20th Century Europe)
  • HIST 641A: History of Eastern Europe, 18th – 20th c. New research
  • HIST 641A: Modern Eastern Europe (Grad Colloq)


  • HIST 641B: Catholics in Europe (1870-1970)
  • HIST 388: Junior Seminar (“Pius XII, the Catholic Church, and the Holocaust”)
  • HIST 641B: European Catholics 1870-1970 (Grad Seminar)
  • HIST 641C: The Globalization of Catholicism (19th & 20th centuries)

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