The Catholic University of America
Faculty - Riley

James D. Riley, Associate Professor (retired)
Ph.D., 1972, Tulane University
Colonial Mexico, Latin America


Sample publications:
  • Hacendados Jesuitas en Mexico: La Administracion de los Bienes Inmuebles del Colegio Maximo de San Pedro y San Pablo de la Ciudad de Mexico, 1687-1767 (Mexico: Sep-Setentas, 1976)
  • "Priests and the Provincial Social Order in Tlaxcala, 1650-1792," Religion In New Spain edited by Susan Schroeder and Stafford Poole (Univ. of New Mexico, 2007)
  • "Christianity in Iberian America," in The Cambridge History of Christianity edited by Stewart J. Brown and Timothy Tackett, vol.7, chapter 19 (Cambridge U. Press, 2007)
  • Landholding and Provincial Society: The Labradores of Tlaxcala, 1640-1730 (forthcoming)


Courses Taught

  • History 300 --- Age of Discovery
  • History 381 --- Border Culture: The Southwestern U.S. & Northern Mexico
  • History 383 --- Latin America and the United States
  • History 384 --- Race, Class and Social Change in Latin America, 1800-1940
  • History 386 --- Modern Mexico
  • History 572 --- The Church in Colonial Latin America
  • History 685 --- Religion and Culture in 19th and 20th Century Latin America
  • History 695 --- 20th Century Revolutions in Latin America