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Dissertations in Progress

Medieval History Modern Europe US History

Carol Anderson, "Sacred Histories: Remembering the Christian Past in Medieval Tuscany (ca. 1100-1350)." Advisor: Katherine L. Jansen

Brian Boosel, "A Crisis of Amity in Early Modern France: Jansenism and the Friendship between Vincent de Paul and Abbe Saint-Cyran." Advisor: Caroline Sherman

Kate Bush, "Sorelle mie: The Sermons of Caterina Vigri and Franciscan Observantist Reform.” Advisor: Katherine L. Jansen

Paul "Wes" Bush, "Contesting Power: Charters Given Across Borders in the Carolingian World (750-987)." Advisor: Jennifer Davis

Ryan Carpenter, "Peace Through Strength: Pentagon Policymakers, The Reagan Buildup, and America’s National Security Policy, 1981-1989." Advisor: Michael Kimmage

Vanessa Corcoran, "The Voice of Mary: Later Medieval Representations of Marian Communication." Advisor: Katherine L. Jansen

Ephraim Harel, "Family and Empire: Henry III and the Negotiated Loyalty of Kinship Networks." Advisor Jennifer Davis

Laura Hohman, "Carolingian Sermons: Religious Reform, Pastoral Care, and Lay Piety."  Advisor: Jennifer Davis

Margaret K. Mouris, "From Reform to Reformation: Caritas Pirckheimer and the Convent of St. Klara, Nuremberg, Late 1490's to 1532." Advisor: Nelson Minnich

Amanda Perry, "Party Politics: The Social World of British Diplomatic Statebuilding in the Middle East, 1917-1932."  Advisor:  Laura Mayhall

Seth Smith, "A Church Apart: The Glenmary Home Missioners, 1939-2000." Advisor: Leslie Woodcock Tentler

Patricia Tillman, "Cardinal Mindszenty, Anti-Communism, and American Catholicism From the Early Cold War to the Reagan Era." Advisor: Arpad von Klimo

Martin Waldman, "Pavia’s Twin: Power and Identity in Early Medieval Benevento (570-899 CE)." Advisor: Jennifer Davis

Julie Yarwood, "Citizens of Heaven:  Conservative American Protestant Reactions to New Deal Legislation."  Advisor:  Leslie Woodcock Tentler

Jim Zibro, "The Life of Paddy Yank: The Common Irish American Soldier in the Union Army."  Advisor:  Timothy J. Meagher