The Catholic University of America

M.A. Degree

Advising and Course Selection

The department exercises no dogmatic control over student course selection at the M.A. level. The Director of Graduate Studies (currently Dr. Laurence Poos) is the initial advisor, and thereafter the student should consult with the head of the section in which he/she is working, as well as with any other faculty member in the field of study. Students have ultimate responsibility for their choice of courses, however, and they should particularly bear in mind that the courses they take toward the M.A. should not merely constitute a smorgasbord of classes but a broad education in the entirety of the field of study they are pursuing. Thus, students must remember that they will ultimately take comprehensive examinations in the entirety of Medieval or Modern European or US or Latin American History, and should not concentrate their coursework upon any small selection of periods and problems within the field.