The Catholic University of America

M.A. Degree


What follows is intended to give all graduate students or potential graduate students in History a comprehensive guide to the administrative and academic requirements for degrees. Part of the information contained here duplicates what may be found in the current edition of the University's Graduate Announcements. This publication contains the official statement of rules and regulations. While every effort has been made to be accurate here, if there is a difference between the official statement found in the Announcements and the statements reproduced here, the official statement must be followed.

It is important for students to recognize that they are responsible for knowing the rules. We provide academic advising, and of course we hope that all our students will be in regular consultation with us as their work progresses. Moreover, while as at most universities there seem to be a rather large number of regulations for all purposes, it is one of the strong points of our department (as we intend it) that we try to ensure that rules be understood in a humane and flexible way. But, taken together, the contents of this guide and the material in the Graduate Announcements book constitute a contract for the terms of our students' degree progress, and ultimate responsibility for knowing these terms rests with students. For information contact Dr. Laurence Poos, the Director of Graduate Studies.

Credit Hours, Seminars and Transfer Credits

Advising and Course Selection

Thesis vs. Non-Thesis Option

Deposit of Seminar Papers and Thesis

Language Requirement

Comprehensive Exams