The Catholic University of America

M.A. Degree

Language Requirement

As a requirement for the M.A., students must submit evidence of proficiency in one foreign language (a computer language is not an acceptable alternative), except that graduate students in Medieval European History must meet the requirement in two languages, of which one must ordinarily be Latin. This can be accomplished:

  • by passing a reading-comprehension examination administered by the CUA Counseling Center.  For information about fees and scheduling, please contact Morgan McDonald at Students can prepare for these examinations by consulting these sample exams: French, German, Spanish.
  • by taking and passing a 500-level course in a language (the latter are offered regularly by the Modern Languages Department in the major European languages or every year in Latin and Greek by the Greek and Latin Department, and are geared toward reading comprehension; courses which afford basic grammar and comprehension of a language do not earn credit hours toward the degree in History, though further courses offered by these Departments which are more concerned with the content of texts do count toward the History degree)
  • or, in exceptional circumstances, by showing evidence of prior courses in a language which met the corresponding language requirement for a graduate degree in History at another university (this must be certified by the other university in question and is at the discretion of the Chair in consultation with the Graduate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences)