The Catholic University of America

Graduate Student Writing Series

Doctoral students in History at the Catholic University of America have the opportunity to present chapters from their dissertations-in-progress at the department's Graduate Student Writing Series, which is attended by fellow graduate students and faculty.  If you would like to present a chapter or serve as a commentator, please contact Lev Weitz (


Upcoming Events:


11/16/2016: Tommy Patterson, "The Economist as Theorist of Complexity: The Centrality of Complexity to Friedrich Hayek's Psychology, Epistemology, Economics, and Social Theory." Commenter: Amanda Perry.
10/5/2016: Trish Tillman, title TBD. Commenter: Atlas Xu.


Past Events:


3/16/2016: Katya Mouris, "'From This We Suffered Much Distress and Affliction': Narrating the Reformation." Commenter: Michaela Granger

2/17/2016: Carol Anderson, "The Cult of Saint Minias and the Development of Popular Early Christian Myth in Florence." Commenter: Shane MacDonald.
11/11/2015: Martin R. Waldman, "Better to Maintain Liberty by Arms: Paul the Deacon's Historia Langobardum, Benevento, and the Shaping of Lombard Identity." Commenter: Wes Bush.
9/16/2015: Ryan Carpenter, "'Serve Notice to the Soviets': Caspar Weinberger, the Defense Budget, and the Transition to the Reagan Administration, 1980-1981." Commenter: Fr. Rob Yetman.

11/5/2014: Vanessa Corcoran, "“With your speech, Mary, I am well repaid”: Understanding Gendered Expectations through the Corpus Christi Cycles."  Commentator: Austin Powell.

10/23/2013: Julie Yarwood, "Roosevelt Writes a Letter." Commentator: Patrick Kelleher.

9/11/2013: Wes Bush, "Granting Charters Across Borders in the Carolingian Period: Charles the Bald's Claim to Authority over St-Arnulf of Metz, 842." Commentator: Joanna Lamb.

5/1/2013: Marie Ito, "The Madonna of Orsanmichele and her Confraternity: A 'Holy Wall' of Protection for the Florentine Grain Market."  Commentator: Brandon Parlopiano.

1/23/2013: Sarah Spalding, "Elizabeth's Works and Her Readers: Novelty and Diversity in the Twelfth Century."  Commentator: Katya Mouris.

12/5/2012: Robert Camilleri, "This Great Contest of Principle: Between Scylla and Charybdis."  Commentator: Seth Smith.

10/17/2012: Brandon Parlopiano, "Est Difficile Probare Furorem: The Proof of Insanity in Medieval Jurisprudence."  Commentator: Kirsti Norris.

10/10/2012: Seth Smith, "New Visions for the Church and the South, 1958-1965."  Commentator: Ryan Carpenter.

9/19/2012: Marie Ito, "Orsanmichele -- The Early Years (8th-13th Centuries): A Consideration of Scholarship and the Evidence."  Commentator: Wes Bush.

4/4/2012: Jill Cairns-Gallimore, "The Limits of Radical Pluralism: Contextualizing Abdul Baha's Visit to Green Acre in 1912."  Commentator: Patricia Tillman.

3/21/2012: Sarah Spalding, "Vos, Autem, Qui Litterati Estis: The Rhetoric of Reform in Twelfth-Century Monastic Communities."  Commentator: Vanessa Taylor.

12/7/2011: Sarah Spalding, "Premonita Fueram: Education within the Cloister."  Commentator: Mary Z. Smith.

11/2/2011: Kate E. Bush, "Ostinatissima Ostinatione: Anti-Judaism in the Sermons of Saint Catherine of Bologna."  Commentator: Sarah Spalding.

10/19/2011: Seth Smith, "1939-1957, Into No-Priest Land, U.S.A." Commentator: Julie Yarwood.

4/13/2011: Jay Harrison, "Franciscan Perceptions of Indians and Indigenous Culture in Spanish Texas."  Commentator: Mary Z. Smith.