The Catholic University of America

Graduate Programs

The Department offers a graduate program focusing upon our particular faculty strengths, and it prides itself upon its professional but friendly atmosphere of close interaction between students and faculty. We have rich faculty and scholarly resources in the areas of colonial and modern Latin America, medieval Europe and Byzantine history, early modern and modern Europe, the medieval Middle East, colonial America and U.S. history. On the basis of national evaluations by outside bodies, the Department of History has regularly ranked as one of the three most distinguished departments in the School of Arts and Sciences at CUA. During recent years, faculty in the Department have won numerous awards and other recognitions, including two Guggenheim Foundation awards, a Woodrow Wilson Center fellowship, a Mellon Fellowship, a Davis Prize from Princeton University, a Visiting Research Fellowship to All Souls College, Oxford, major National Endowment for the Humanities grants, and several teaching prizes.

Graduate education in this Department combines the development of research and teaching skills. Not all of our graduate students go on to the Ph.D., or make use of their degrees in teaching at the university level. But the basic skills involved in graduate study -- in acquiring substantive historical knowledge, in the critical analysis of material, in the rigorous handling of large data, and in the presentation of that analysis -- are the same whatever the end use desired. Research is only one aspect of the professional development of a historian; the ability to communicate research and arguments, whether in writing, in debate, or through teaching, is an equally important component. This Department offers multiple opportunities to develop all these abilities. There are also opportunities for more formal teaching, through partnership with faculty members in teaching undergraduate courses; a limited number of our graduate students have the opportunity to serve as paid Teaching Assistants, and more are able to assist in teaching in other capacities.

The Department's Graduate Studies Handbook provides detailed information about all programs and procedures.  Current and prospective students should regard the Handbook as the definitive statement of all policies related to graduate education in History at CUA.  To apply for graduate programs at CUA, please visit the Graduate Admissions website.