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Undergraduate Program


    A history major provides an excellent preparation for a variety of careers including law, intelligence, information technology, teaching, business and marketing, journalism and government. The stress in all parts of the program on student participation through discussion in small groups, writing and critical analysis, provides majors with skills that are highly transferable to other disciplines and employment.

    The major program requires 11 courses: two 200-level surveys, two junior research seminars (History 387), six 300-level courses, and History 496 (senior thesis).  Of these classes, at least three must focus on the period of pre-1800.  One 100-level course can be substituted for one of the two 200-level surveys.

    To be accepted as a major, a student must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA and grades of C or better in all history courses. Normally, students complete at least two 200-level surveys and two additional elective courses before the junior year.

    For further information on the history major, the core courses, and special opportunities, click on the Advanced Information button in the menu.

    The department also offers a special program in collaboration with the education department combining history with secondary education. This program has additional requirements for entry and completion and offers students multi-state certification in the teaching of social studies at the high school level. Interested students should consult the information on the program offered in the education department's website.


Julia Young, Ph.D., Director of Undergraduate Studies
Phone Number: 202-319-5484