The Catholic University of America

 Research Opportunities

History majors at CUA have the opportunity to conduct original research in their junior and senior seminars, in many history electives, and also in internships and research apprenticeships.  The department is proud of the quality of research that our undergraduates produce; several senior theses (and even junior research papers) have been subsequently published. There are a number of venues where our undergraduates offer their research to the public or compete for prizes.

Research Day

Every spring CUA hosts a Research Day, in which students can present posters or give TED talks about their research.  For more information, contact Dr. Young.

Phi Alpha Theta

Every spring the History department takes undergraduate and graduate students to the Mid-Atlantic Phi Alpha Theta Conference, which features original student research.  Students give talks based on their research and compete for prizes. For more information, contact Dr. Klimo.

Zeender Prize

Every April the History department nominates some of its best senior theses for the Zeender Prize.  Nominees give a brief talk based on their research before the prize is awarded.


Inventio is a journal that features the best undergraduate research at CUA in theology, philosophy, the humanities, and the social sciences.  In 2016, two of the five main articles published were by History majors.  For more information, contact Dr. Sherman.

History Matters

CUA undergraduates are also eligible to submit their History research papers to History Matters, a journal that features undergraduate work.  

The Georgetown Journal of History

The Georgetown Journal of History publishes undergraduate research in all areas of history.